Technica-Writing-Page-400Solving Your Documentation Problems

Good technical writing services are essential for maintaining business continuity and meeting regulatory requirements. However, documentation is one of many priorities competing for your daily attention. As skilled technical writers, Cohort Technical Communications, Inc. can help solve your technical writing and documentation problems.

We will work with you to address your industry documentation needs. We will remove your pain points so you can focus on growing your business. We’ve been providing technical communication services in Calgary, Alberta, since 2013. This means we can easily integrate our documentation solutions into your workplace. We’ll also show you how to use your existing software to improve your processes for creating documentation.

Consequences of Poor Documentation

What are the consequences of poor documentation, or no documentation at all?

  • Poor communication: Misunderstandings about undocumented processes can cause multiple problems
  • Increased support costs: Poor product documentation will result in increased customer support calls
  • Loss of intellectual capital: What happens when your most experienced employees leave?
  • Inconsistent customer and employee experiences: Employee manuals and standard operating procedures ensure a standardized approach to delivering products and services
  • Failed audits: This can result in non-conformance penalties

Reality of Good Technical Documentation

Every business can benefit from having effective documentation. Cohort believes effective technical documentation helps:

  • Maintain business continuity: A documented disaster recovery plan can ensure your business recovers from a serious incident or disaster
  • Reduce support calls which saves you money
  • Maintain intellectual capital
  • Ensure a consistent experience for employees and customers
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Technical Writing Services

Cohort offers the following technical writing services:

  • Document inventories and audits: We’ll audit your documentation to help assess its efficiency and effectiveness
  • Template creation: We’ll create templates for your commonly used documents, so you can concentrate on content creation and not formatting
  • Style guide creation: We’ll write a guide to help keep a consistent look and feel in your documentation
  • User manuals: We’ll write the user manual for your latest product or service
  • Policies and procedures: We’ll help create clear and consistent policies and procedures you need to run your business
  • Quick-start guidesWe’ll develop guides to give your users clear and accurate instructions to get them started on your product or service
  • Web help: We’ll help the users of your product or service get the answers quickly and conveniently online

End Result: You’re in Control of Your Technical Writing

Our approach will leave you in control of your documentation and provide you with an understanding of how to maintain what we have done. This will ultimately save you time and money. For regulated workplaces, we’ll work with you to ensure that the required documentation is in place to help you pass your audits.

Contact us today at for a free, no-obligation quote. Let’s talk about how we can solve your documentation issues.