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Make Your User Guides More User-Friendly

Discover How to Make Your User Guides More User-Friendly

What would it mean if you could dramatically reduce support calls and associated costs around using your products or services?

 You’ve put a lot of time, energy and resources into creating them, so don’t let your user guides prevent your customers from quickly understanding what to do. Look at it this way: your user guides often act as your first line of customer service.

What Happens for the Customer

Say, for example, you’re about to launch a new piece of software to the market. You’ve already generated a lot of buzz with press releases, interviews, trade articles, etc. Customers are excited to finally get access to the new release. And all they want to do is get started. However, excitement will soon turn into frustration and disappointment if they can’t get beyond the first step of downloading the software or accessing it in the cloud, because there is either:

  • incomplete or inconsistent information in the user guide or
  • it’s so complex to read that they quickly give up and give in to waiting on hold for a support person to help walk them through the next steps—or worse, they stop trying altogether.

That’s Why It’s Important To Have an Experienced Technical Writer on Your Team

A trusted technical writer can work independently or alongside your developers and programmers to ensure all user information is:

  • Effectively captured, made consistent and concise.
  • Properly organized with a standardized approach.
  • Formatted according to corporate standard.
  • Aligned with the company’s corporate and marketing goals.
  • Translated from “tech speak” into everyday language for the end-users’ benefit.

A well-constructed user guide, delivered in plain language, not only helps your customers quickly learn how your product or service works, but it sets the tone for growing your customer relationships over time. Translation? Deliver a great user experience and customers will trust you more. When customer satisfaction and market share are on the line, hiring the right technical writer can help your company win.

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