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Easy-to-understand Procedures

Engage Your Customers, Motivate Employees and  Satisfy Regulators

While every business has over-arching goals and objectives, procedures provide the daily operational framework to reach them. Procedures are about ensuring consistency for the employee as well as the customer. In essence, these documents say, “This is how our company operates.” They’re also necessary for regulatory compliance. For example, if your company is audited and found to be non-compliant, you could run the risk of losing your business license. Also, if you want to become ISO certified, you will need to show the auditors proof of your procedures.


Simplify for Easy Access

Even the most complex instructions can be reduced to a simple how-to list of incremental steps, without losing their importance. Cohort can break down your most technical, complex procedures and list them in easy-to-understand language. Essentially, we create a step-by-step “recipe book” that covers daily operations, product development methods, customer service processes, etc., that ensure ambiguity, mistakes, and excuses are greatly reduced.

Practical on All Levels

Procedures benefit every level of your business. When written well by an experienced hand, they help you:

Provide an invaluable resource for your HR department

Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring consistent experiences

Outline the roles and level of responsibilities of each employee

Give employees the means to perform high-quality customer service

Standardize methods for costing, planning, expansion, and many more

Organize production and quality control processes

Assure continuity of services across different personnel and locations

Comply with legal and regulatory obligations

Consistency is Key to Smooth Operations

It’s critical that the necessary documentation is in place and regularly updated. Overseen and authorized by management, your procedures manuals give your senior level executives the confidence to know that the company is doing everything it can to be transparent and conduct business to the highest standards. Most importantly, you’ll save time and money training new employees and assessing their performance. In fact, procedures help you easily perform quality control wherever needed across all your departments. Additionally, asking both your customers and your employees for feedback on your procedures, also lets them know you really care about the experience they have with your company.

When Things are Done Right, Everyone Succeeds

Trust Cohort to dig deep to get the information necessary to create your “best practices” documentation.

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