Mitch Willis, Director

Mitch Willis, Director

As Director of Cohort, and a technical writer himself, Mitch is dedicated to helping his clients solve their business problems and reducing their risk through the creation of effective documentation. Based in Calgary during his 12 years of experience in technical communications and information technology, Mitch has worked in industries ranging from utilities, software, oil and gas, to construction. During this time, Mitch has supported his clients in “making order out of chaos” when working with their documentation.

Mitch believes effective documentation plays a crucial role in any workplace. Documentation is essential for reducing the inherent risks in business, by maintaining business continuity, intellectual capital, and ensuring clarity of communication.

A member of the Society for Technical Communication since 2009, Mitch has served as President of the Alberta Chapter, where he spearheaded a website update, brand refresh, and educational events for the membership.

Our Mission

Cohort Technical Communications Inc. helps our clients reduce their risk and gain peace of mind through the implementation of documentation best practices and infrastructure.

Our Values

The following values are woven into the DNA of our business:

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Respect

Community Involvement

calgary-humane-logoWe love Calgary and believe it’s important to give back to the city that’s provided us with so much. That’s why we’re proud to support the Calgary Humane Society (CHS). Established in 1922, the CHS has set out to:

“… help as many animals as we can and will continue to do so until we live in a world where we are no longer needed. By fostering the values of respect, compassion, teamwork and integrity, Calgary Humane Society is committed to creating a better tomorrow through education and collaboration.”

Though Cohort provides technical writing and editing services to international clients, Calgary is our home. Volunteering our time and providing support to organizations such as the CHS benefits our entire community.

For more information about the Calgary Humane Society, or to donate, visit