technical-editingTechnical Editing Services Matter

At this point, hopefully having hired us for technical editing services, you’ve taken the time and effort to ensure your documentation is correct and that it appropriately reflects your business. Compared to your daily business needs, editing your documentation often doesn’t seem to be a top priority. Maybe you feel that as long as the content in your documentation is accurate, it’ll do what it needs to do.

The business partners at Cohort have been providing international professional technical editing services since 2006. We will ensure that your documents conform to standard guidelines, thereby improving their readability, so that you can focus on growing your business. At Cohort, we look forward to assisting you to present your work in the most professional manner possible.

Consequences of Poor Technical Editing

Have you considered the consequences of typos, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and unclear messaging in your documentation?

  • Confused customers may delay purchasing or decline to purchase your product or service because of errors and unclear writing in your documentation.
  • Credibility problems occur because your customers wonder if uncorrected errors will equate to other oversights, including the potential for key content omissions.
  • Damaged reputation because the unedited writing in your documentation twists your message, resulting in customers getting the wrong impression of your products or services.

Reality of Good Technical Editing

Running your document through an automated spell-checker isn’t sufficient. Every company that produces public-facing documentation needs an editor to finalize the document to ensure that it looks professional. Cohort believes that editing is an investment in your company’s hard-earned reputation for professionalism. Cohort can ensure your documentation will be:

  • Clean, so it has no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.
  • Clear, so it conveys an unmistakable message.
  • Consistent, so it maintains a steady voice and message throughout.

Technical Editing Services

Cohort offers the following technical editing services:

  • Copy-editing documentation for correctness, consistency, accuracy, and completeness.
  • Proofreading finalized, prepublication documentation to identify any necessary corrections.
  • Performing comprehensive edits of documentation for style, structure, and design to ensure it meets the planned audience’s needs.

End Result: Clean, Clear and Consistent Documents

Our network of experienced editors will work with you to improve any documents you have, all without altering your message. Our editors can also help you to determine the level of editing your documentation requires, and design an approach that works within your schedule. We’ll be your partner in making your documentation look professional and project confidence.

Contact us today at for a free, no-obligation quote. Let’s talk about how we can solve your editing issues.